What is
Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is a simple, natural, effortless yet powerful process, that absolutely anyone can learn. It’s an eyes closed meditation that you do, 20 minutes, twice a day. No chanting is required, and it works, even for those with the ‘monkey mind’. What makes this technique so attractive to many is that there is no need to try to stop thoughts. Regular practice creates greater calm, focus and vitality and a life lived less stressed.

How It Works

Learning The Program



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(4 simple steps)

Learn to Meditate




Vedic Meditation training is an intensive,
customised, proven combination of:

  • One-on-one
    Meditation Coaching

  • Face-to-face Small Group
    Intensive Meditation
    Coaching Session

It’s a process developed over five thousand years to ensure effective skill
and knowledge transfer. You’re creating a new life habit and bedding it in.

Why choose
Vedic Meditation
with Cathy Rolfe?

Vedic Meditation with Cathy Rolfe is a comprehensive curriculum designed to ensure that you are fully self-sufficient at the completion of the four, intensive coaching sessions (and one optional, follow up check in session).

Designed for busy professionals and human beings alike, it is a face to face initiative with ongoing follow up and support as required, taught by a master accredited teacher with over 10 years of Meditation experience. Apps, visualisation techniques or guided meditations aren’t used. Nor is the Program about providing casual drop in classes.

This program is for people who are serious about learning to meditate (some who may have tried other techniques without success) and are committed to learning an effective technique to manage their stress that they will have for life. If this sounds like what you are looking for, then click the link to join us at our next Unstress4Success seminar.


A More Focused,
Less Stressed Mind and Body

Stress is now considered the health epidemic of the 21st Century.
Vedic Meditation is the anti-dote to the constant bombardment, a counterbalance to
correct the never-ending barrage of stressors that is the new norm. Today, medical
science has confirmed that meditation improves both mental well-being and physical
health. It is a powerful stress management tool:

  • Counteracts
    stress and

  • Increases focus

  • Increases energy
    and expands

  • Optimises
    (and your sex life!)

  • Enhances sleep
    and improves


  • Focus
  • Decision Making
  • Resilience


  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Burnout

Amp Up

  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Empathy


  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression

Desperate For
Greater Focus?

At your wits end with being stressed?

The world has become more complex and uncertain than ever before. Stress is now considered the health epidemic of the 21st century. It contributes to everything from poor focus and anxiety to heart trouble, diabetes and depression.

We need an antidote to the constant bombardment, a counterbalance to correct the never-ending barrage of stressors that is our new norm.

Today, medical science researchers have confirmed that meditation improves both mental well-being and physical health. It is a powerful stress management tool.

Work With The Chatter
In Your Head

Lots of people have heard about or tried common forms of meditation with some or limited success.

They think they “can’t meditate” because they can’t stop thinking. Other’s decide “it’s not for me” because they think it involves long retreats and weird sitting positions.

Vedic Meditation is a powerful form of stress management that works with the mind to create a restfulness 2-5 times deeper than sleep. This allows your mind and body to release present and past stress – delivering new levels of capacity and capability

How is it practiced?

  • A simple, silent process that you can do anywhere
    you can sit down.
  • 20 minutes, twice a day to turn around your stress
    levels and your wellbeing.

No special requirements

All it takes is 20 minutes of silent practice, twice a day, anywhere you can sit with minimal interruption.

It could be on the train, in your car, between meetings. You don’t need fancy clothes, a soundproof room, weird sitting positions or a personal sound system – just somewhere you can sit in reasonable comfort.

Graduate fully self-sufficient
in the practice after 4 coaching sessions

Ideal for busy professionals, no ongoing class commitments required

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I’m ready to learn to
Meditate the Vedic way


Who Is It For?

Why should I
choose this type
of Meditation?

Because it’s easy
and it works!

It is an effortless form of Meditation designed to work with the natural process of them mind and the body. The mind settles down and so does the body providing deep rest. It’s designed for busy, people like you, (not monks!)

And once you’ve graduated from the 4 step program you are totally self-sufficient (no requirement to attend weekly classes or similar – unless you would like to.)

My mind is too busy. I’ve tried meditating and I’m no good!

This technique is perfect for busy minds!

Thoughts are OK. And, in fact, if you think, you can meditate! After completing a simple 4 step customised, coaching program with Cathy, you will be completely self sufficient in this powerful stress management technique.

In addition, alumni member’s have access to a comprehensive support program including follow up emails, messages and access to complimentary group meditations to provide ongoing support and community.

Right now, my life is too hectic to learn to meditate.

There is never a good time.

There are always pressing deadlines and other priorities. It is easy to prioritise our own needs down the list of things to do. Self care is an essential building block to wellbeing. Ignoring it is a recipe for ill health and poor outcomes in the future.

Meditation will not only increase your capacity and focus but will decrease your stress levels. It is 20 minutes well spent.

About Cathy Rolfe

Business professional turned meditation teacher

As a high achieving executive, I was paying a high price for my success with poor health, incessant thoughts, an exercise addiction and feeding a serious caffeine habit in order to cope with the non-stop corporate whirlwind.

Today I teach this very powerful stress management technique to business people who are currently experiencing the stress drain and anxiety that I experienced prior to discovering this life chancing practice.

Success Stories

July 17, 2018

"Cathy has an intellectual, spiritual, insightful and professional approach to her teachings in meditation and she is dedicated and passionate. She truly seeks to understand you as a person and what meditation practice can support you with in your life specifically. This makes it not only meaningful but also very personable and I am truly thankful to Cathy for all I am learning from her and for all the time she dedicates to her practice and to her students. "

May 7, 2018

“Cathy, I want to say thank you for the life skills I now have to mediate with the new-found ability to cleanse the mind and feel an inner calm. I can do it!! It’s not a mysterious practice that only a selected few can master

It was the perfect time in my life to take the time to invest in this technique allowing me to approach my recently expanded business obligations in a calm, focused and ordered mental state. ”

May 7, 2018

“I now have a simple yet powerful technique I can use to manage through the daily stressful events that life throws
at me”

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of meditation is taught at Cathy Rolfe Meditation?

It’s a stress reduction technique practiced for twenty minutes, twice a day. It’s designed to increase focus, clarity and enhance your life. Learn more in our free meditation seminar, Unstress4Success.

What is ‘vedic’ meditation and where does it originate from?

Vedic Meditation is an ancient practice. It was developed over 5000 years ago. The word Vedic comes from the Sanskrit word ͚veda͛ which means to know. The veda is an ancient philosophy from which meditation, Ayurveda and yoga comes from.

How is Vedic meditation different to other styles of Meditation?

Most meditation techniques can be categorised as either:

- Contemplative Meditative practices OR
- Concentration Meditative practices

Contemplative practices ask you to contemplate a big idea. In our day to day life we become so much involved in the petty issues of mundane importance, that we forget the larger picture of things. This practice asks us to take a ‘cosmic’ view.

Concentration techniques ask you to concentrate the mind on a subject such as the breath a candle or progressively different parts of the body or to visualise a scene and to exclude all other thoughts. This category includes many of the mindfulness techniques and practices.

These methods facilitate some calming of the mind whilst still requiring the mind to be engaged due to the nature of the technique.

Vedic Meditation is in a unique category all together. Using a specific mantra (a vibrational sound) it allows the mind to transcend (step beyond) the busy active layer of the mind.

What is a mantra?

In Sanskrit, ͞Man͟ means mind and ͞Tra,͟ means vehicle. A mantra literally translates to ͞mind vehicle,͟ helping to settle both mind and body. In Vedic Meditation we us the Mantra as a conveyance or vehicle to draw the mind inwards to a deep state of rest. As the mind establishes deep states of rest so too does the body. The Mantra you receive is a simple, vibrational sound with no intended meaning. It is selected for you and is provided with precise instruction, to optimise your mediation experience.

I have a very busy mind. And I can’t really sit still. I am not sure that I will be able to learn?

Vedic Meditation is made for people with busy minds. You are not required to exclude thoughts in this technique. If you think, you can meditate. And if you have a busy mind – more reason to learn to meditate, to achieve deep rest for the mind and body and gain all the amazing stress release benefits. By the end of the 4 – step program you will be fully self-sufficient. And if you have any questions or concerns afterwards, there is the complimentary alumni program. And I will be here as your ongoing support.

Why Cathy Rolfe Meditation?

Perfect for people like you and me, (i.e. people with busy minds and hectic lives) this style of meditation readily integrates into your daily life. Both easy to practice and effective (i.e. it works), all you need is a place to sit and twenty minutes to stress proof yourself and achieve more.

An ex-corporate executive with a background in behavioural change and an already established Transformational Coaching and leadership development business, Cathy is well placed to support individuals to embed this powerful stress management technique.

But I use exercise as my meditation?

Exercise is a fantastic compliment to meditation, but it͛s not the same thing as meditation. Exercise fires up the nervous system increasing endorphins, your feel-good hormones, which is why you feel good immediately after exercising. Meditation also increases endorphins and it delivers deep rest to the mind and body. Meditation is actively reducing stress in the nervous system creating short and long-term benefits.

Do I have to attend the UnStress 4 Success Introductory Talk?

Attending the UnStress4Success Introductory Seminar is a prerequisite for completing the 4-step program. We’ll cover why stress is so deleterious, where Vedic Meditation comes from, from, different types of meditation, why Vedic Meditation is so powerful, why it is easier to habituate than many other techniques, the alumni offering, and the different programs and pricing. (Give us a call if you can’t make it to one of our many scheduled complimentary sessions.)

Is Vedic Meditation Religious?

No. This is a mental technique and a stress reducing tool. We have no desire to tell you how to live your life. We are however, keen to support you with the tools, insights and resources to help you act in alignment with what resonates with you and with what is authentic for you. Anyone can practice this technique regardless of their faith, religious, or secular backgrounds.

Do I have to sit on the floor cross-legged? And is there chanting involved?

No! In the Meditation practice taught at Cathy Rolfe Meditation, comfort is very important. Sit upright with your back supported and in a manner that minimises any discomfort or aches and pains is what is advised.

Will I be able to meditate on my own after the course or will I need to come to weekly classes?

No! By the end of the 4 – step program you will be fully self-sufficient in the technique. However, if you wish to join us at our weekly group meditation sessions or have any questions or concerns afterwards, there is our complimentary alumni program. And Cathy will be available as your life-long, ongoing support.

How long before I feel the benefits of this meditation?

You will experience a difference in both your mind and body immediately. Most people report a sense of less stress, and greater calm and wellbeing from the moment they learn the technique. Benefits of better sleep, greater clarity of thought, more patience, improved relationships, increases self-awareness, enhanced emotional self- management, increased energy, greater focus are sometimes reported immediately from day 1 of learning the technique and for others, the benefits cumulate over the months of regular, consistent practice.

How much is the course?

Cathy offers private, group and corporate programs. Please come along to the UnStress 4 Success Talk for a detailed explanation of our offerings and program pricing.

You have a money back promise if I don’t reduce my stress. What does this involve?

In our experience, people from all walks of life have learnt this technique with great benefits. Thousands of people have learnt this technique and speak of the value they have gained from the consistent practice. If you feel like it is not working at any point I am here to work with you, to support you and guide you to ensure you become a self-sufficient meditator. If after continued support and coaching, you feel you still aren’t satisfied we have in place our money back promise.

Our stress-free promise to you: “Our Vedic Meditation will reduce your stress or your money back”

We want you to be satisfied with your investment, so we make this simple promise: Attend the four, consecutive coaching sessions of the Vedic Meditation program, utilising the tools and techniques provided and meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day for 60 days following the program. Take advantage of the follow up session and attend a minimum of 2 group meditation sessions within the 60 days following the program. If, after completing this course you still feel that our Vedic Meditation program does not in any way reduce your stress we will refund your program fee.

I am not sure about learning in groups?

Of the four-session program, the first coaching session is one to one. The following three sessions are Group Coaching sessions. Group sizes are typically small, usually between 5 to 12 would be the typical group size. You will receive personal attention and instruction in each session so by the end of the program, you will feel confident with the meditation practice.

Please enquire about a private program, if this will more closely meet your needs.