• Concerned about workplace stress impacting your employee’s performance?
  • Looking for an easy, yet powerful way to support your staff to increase focus, productivity and resilience?
  • Want to increase engagement and levels of productivity achieved from your current engagement and wellbeing programs?

Job Stress
Is Our New Norm…..

There is an increasing awareness of the organisational need to
ensure that levels of job stress are minimised. Despite this, job
stress has unfortunately become pervasive and relentless in
our workplaces today. It has become our new norm.
Supporting employees to increase their levels of of resilience
has become essential
to ensure employee well-being, as has the
desire to optimise engagement and productivity and the flow
on effects to the bottom line outcomes.

Resilience is the ability to function and respond effectively under stress

Resilience Is Key

Multiple research1 studies have shown that meditation has the
potential to decrease anxiety and stress, boosting resilience
and performance under stress.

Meditation sharpens skills1 like focus, creativity, decision making
and emotional intelligence;
And it makes us more productive2.
It is no wonder that CEOs, from major blue chips to entrepreneurs
in fast paced start-ups, are embracing meditation.

The Evidence

Less Stress

60% to 80% of primary care doctor visits are related
to stress, yet only 3% of patients receive stress
management help3

Meditation is a powerful and natural stress
management tool. Getting stressed is a part of life,
staying stressed is where the damage is done


Ongoing stress results in sustained high levels of
cortisol resulting in a prolonged state of fright and flight
mode (not useful for considered, focused analysis and
action). Meditation reduces levels of cortisol4 allowing
higher level functioning and productive output

Better Leaders – Enhanced
Decision Making And Judgement

Meditation sharpens skills like focus, creativity,
emotional intelligence and decision making1 resulting
in greater discernment and insight.

Better Leaders
– Enhanced EQ

Meditators have enlarged areas of the brain
responsible for cultivating positive emotions and
retaining emotional stability5

Optimised EQ allows leaders to more successfully
communicate, engage and influence their stakeholders

Meditation Is
Good For Business

Meditation and mindfulness have become well-accepted methods,
within organisations, to increase an individual’s ability to manage
stress, increase creativity and focus and optimise resilience.
Organisations such as Google, Target, IBM, NAB, Phillips, and
Goldman Sachs all invest in meditation as part of their wellbeing
initiatives and have seen positive returns including reduced stress, a
decline in absenteeism, improved clarity and increased creativity.

The Inside Success Program

Creating high performance

Stress is now considered the health epidemic of the 21st Century.
Vedic Meditation is the anti-dote to the constant bombardment, a counterbalance
to correct the never-ending barrage of stressors that is the new norm.
Today, medical science has confirmed that meditation improves both mental
well-being and physical health. It is a powerful stress management tool:

How We Can Help


This 90 minute seminar is an exploration into stress and what makes meditation and the Inside Success Program a powerful antidote to stress and the neuroscience that sits behind this potent tool

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Inside Success

Provide the Inside Success Program to employees or nominated teams to optimise performance, improve focus, and productivity and reduce stress

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Authentic Leadership,
High Performance or
Resilience Program

We can customise a program for you to optimise leadership, performance or resilience within your organisation underpinned by the powerful Inside Success Program

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Meet Cathy

Cathy is a qualified, Master Teacher of Vedic Meditation, having completed three years of studies cumulating with an immersive, four-month component in India. She is also MBA qualified, an executive coach and leadership consultant with over 25 years of corporate, consulting and executive coaching experience. Cathy founded innerbusiness, a consulting and executive coaching firm in 2010 with a desire to support business growth through the development of robust, authentic and insightful leaders.

Cathy’s passion is to support leaders in the corporate and business world to build resilience, create high performance and live and work with authenticity and compassion despite the highly stressful and turbulent times that we work and live in. Capitalising on meditation as the stabilising foundation, Cathy, through coaching and customised leadership programs, supports her clients to further develop their focus, emotional intelligence, decision making skills and other higher order leadership capabilities.

Success Stories

July 17, 2018

"Cathy has an intellectual, spiritual, insightful and professional approach to her teachings in meditation and she is dedicated and passionate. She truly seeks to understand you as a person and what meditation practice can support you with in your life specifically. This makes it not only meaningful but also very personable and I am truly thankful to Cathy for all I am learning from her and for all the time she dedicates to her practice and to her students. "

May 7, 2018

“Cathy, I want to say thank you for the life skills I now have to mediate with the new-found ability to cleanse the mind and feel an inner calm. I can do it!! It’s not a mysterious practice that only a selected few can master

It was the perfect time in my life to take the time to invest in this technique allowing me to approach my recently expanded business obligations in a calm, focused and ordered mental state. ”

May 7, 2018

“I now have a simple yet powerful technique I can use to manage through the daily stressful events that life throws
at me”