The Alumni Program

Lifetime Membership

Making your meditation journey successful is a priority. To support
you, post completion of the Inside Success Program, Cathy provides:

  • Optional post course follow-up via face to face, phone and email
  • Access to regular group meditation and knowledge sessions,
    community events and other advanced knowledge courses.
  • Ability to repeat the program again, free of charge as a refresher

In addition, once you complete the Program, you become part of
the worldwide Vedic Meditation Community. This includes access
to worldwide complimentary group meditations run by Vedic
Meditation teachers anywhere, throughout the world and a private
online community page providing additional inspiration, support
and guidance

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Advanced Programs

Check back here for upcoming follow on courses to expand and
refine your meditation techniques and provide expanded benefits
to your practice.

Advanced programs include:

  • Rounding techniques – an ancient technique that extends your
    Meditation practice and rejuvenates and refreshes
  • Advanced techniques – to further expand your practice
  • Exploring the Veda – Advanced Knowledge Course

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Retreats are a powerful way to expand your practice whilst regenerating mind and body.
Check back here for upcoming Retreats. They can be both transformative and expansive
creating inspirational insight and compelling, life altering shifts.

Check back here for some exciting, upcoming retreats and
clink the link below to get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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About Cathy Rolfe

Business professional turned meditation teacher

As a high achieving executive, I was paying a high price for my success with poor health, incessant thoughts, an exercise addiction and feeding a serious caffeine habit in order to cope with the non-stop corporate whirlwind.

Today I teach this very powerful stress management technique to business people who are currently experiencing the stress drain and anxiety that I experienced prior to discovering this life chancing practice.

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Success Stories

July 17, 2018

"Cathy has an intellectual, spiritual, insightful and professional approach to her teachings in meditation and she is dedicated and passionate. She truly seeks to understand you as a person and what meditation practice can support you with in your life specifically. This makes it not only meaningful but also very personable and I am truly thankful to Cathy for all I am learning from her and for all the time she dedicates to her practice and to her students. "

May 7, 2018

“Cathy, I want to say thank you for the life skills I now have to mediate with the new-found ability to cleanse the mind and feel an inner calm. I can do it!! It’s not a mysterious practice that only a selected few can master

It was the perfect time in my life to take the time to invest in this technique allowing me to approach my recently expanded business obligations in a calm, focused and ordered mental state. ”

May 7, 2018

“I now have a simple yet powerful technique I can use to manage through the daily stressful events that life throws
at me”

Graduate fully self-sufficient
in the practice after 4 coaching sessions

Ideal for busy professionals, no ongoing class commitments required

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