About Cathy Rolfe

Business executive turned
meditation teacher

As a high achieving executive, I was paying a high price for my
success with poor health, incessant thoughts, an exercise addiction
and feeding a serious caffeine habit in order to cope with the
non-stop corporate whirlwind.

Today I teach this very powerful stress management technique to
business people who are currently experiencing the stress drain
and anxiety that I experienced prior to discovering this life
chancing practice.

When I was a child, my family lived in Fiji for several years. I loved being amongst the wealth of different cultures and practices, even as a small child, fascinated by the colourful variety of rituals, habits and behaviours.

My family returned to Australia and I went on to study and then work in the corporate world. Early in my career I took a brief hiatus and solo backpacked around the world for several years. Again, the lure of varied cultures, philosophies and societies fascinated me, particularly those cultures with deep traditions and customs – many that considered reflection and meditationa natural, normal part of daily life.

As I began to succeed in corporate life and experience the stresses that went with career success, I started exploring meditation.

I began with Buddhist practices of mindfulness and meditation, and then moved on to western adaptations of mindfulness for health and pain management.

What I found over 10 years of meditation, learning and practice as I moved further up the corporate ladder was that reflective meditation techniques that I had tried, worked to a degree, however I was unable to habituate the practices consistently.

10 years on, I hit a very stressful period in my career – as did many in the Global Financial Crisis. I went looking for a more powerful, sustainable meditation practice that would enable me to deal with the non-stop challenges of work and life.

My research led me to Vedic Meditation – and it changed my life.
I discovered a straight-forward, self-contained process that enabled me to process
stress in a frantic period of corporate life.

I had been highly successful – but I was severely stressed. I was paying a high price for my success with intense migraines, incessant thoughts, an exercise addiction and feeding a serious caffeine habit in order to cope with the non-stop corporate whirlwind.

A Life-changing

I started Vedic Meditation and it changed my life. I gained Increased focus and capacity, increased calmness and self-awareness, the confidence to start my own business and improved health and wellbeing. Meditation changed my life so much that I decided I had to teach it. I spent 3 years training as a meditation teacher, cumulating in a four-month intensive, immersive program in the Himalayas, graduating as a Teacher of Vedic Meditation under the guidance of Thom Knoles, the world’s most preeminent Master of, and leading authority on Vedic Meditation.

Now I help busy executives and business owners to thrive in the 21st century, using Meditation to provide the essential building blocks for a life that is grounded, focused and productive.

I live and breathe the corporate / business world. I have worked within it, provided Executive Coaching and consulted to this sector for over 25 years. And now, through my combined roles (as Meditation Teacher and Executive Coach), I witness the added benefit of utilising Meditation with Executive Coaching, to build insight, groundedness and resilience to multiply the business and personal outcomes achieved for my clients.

So, I know from both my experience and that of my students that Vedic Meditation
REALLY works.

I know from personal experience that once you have the right tool to process stress in mind and body then your mind works, your career works and your business works.I can teach you to unstress for success too.

Core Strength For Your Mind,
Calm For Your Body

Vedic Meditation is like “emotional Pilates” – it enables you to build internal strengths that add to
your performance in all areas of life. You can work both smarter and harder – and enjoy your life more as well.

Graduate fully self-sufficient
in the practice after 4 coaching sessions

Ideal for busy professionals, no ongoing class commitments required

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